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The firm «SPOLIDORO - Surveys and Technical Advice» was established in 1954 by Agr. Prof. Dr Kemar Spolidoro, a Doctor Agronomist,  and in 1972, while still studying at the University of Biological Sciences, Dr Andrea Spolidoro started working in his father’s office as a junior Surveyor, before graduating in 1981.

He worked for some months in the office of a colleague of his father in London studying the problems related to cereals and fish-meal transport in bulk.

In 1983, after more than 13 years of experience in most of the Italian ports and abroad, always cooperating with his father’s office until his retirement, he established his own firm being often appointed directly by Shipowners, Ship’s Agents, cargo Underwriters, Legal Offices, P&I Clubs, cargo Receivers, Shippers, etc.

We are Court Surveyors, acting on Judge’s behalf, or are appointed by one of the parties to a case. We also acted as Expert or Witness Expert, other than in Italy, in England and in the United States, for trials in Courts and Arbitrations for cases on bananas and cereals.

Moreover, we provide our services for:


  • Assistance at loading

  • Vessel Performance Survey

  • Cargo inspection at loading and discharge

  • Stowage, lashing and securing of heavy loads, pleasure vessels, wood, etc., on deck, under deck and in container

  • Wood and cargo measurement

  • Quality inspections

  • We are available to attend anywhere in the world and have a specific experience in Mediterranean and Middle East ports.


Among our equipment, we utilize: Infrared Thermal Video System TVS-200EX 320x240 pixel, digital cameras, Dräger electronic gas analyser X-am 7000, Dräger Accuro pump, sampler kit SGE for gases, Grainmaster i moisture meter, Hydromette RU-600 moisture meter for wood, concrete, air, etc., pH meter, anemometer, Psion handheld computer to read the reefer containers data logger, several different temperature recorder readers, certified electronic thermometers, Brix meters, penetrometers for pomefruits, stonefruits, soft fruits and berry fruits, fruit calipers, etc.

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